Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested in a Club activity, who do I contact about...

How do I know what is happening at the Club?
We have a weekly e-newsletter emailed out to all the membership, keeping you up to date with current events and other interesting news. Further to this we regularly update the website, with all the latest news and events. You can find information on racing, social sailing, open events, facilities and much more!
From the website, you can also access the “Members Area” part of the website; this allows you access to a membership contact list, a more detailed club diary and access to previous newsletters and minutes of meetings.
We also use Facebook and Twitter, posting photos, reports and other information that might be of interest. We have a members Fecebook group page, please ask to join if you are interested!

When is the Club open for use?
The Club Office is open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.  The Club is open on a seasonal program, details can be found on the club website, under “Clubhouse” then “Opening Times”, the club is always open Saturday and Sunday.

I would like to bring visitors to show them my new Club, am I allowed?
Yes, the more the merrier! If you do invite visitors to the Club there are a couple things to remember. Firstly, you will have to sign your visitor into the “Visitor’s Book”, found by the bar; also, you are only allowed to sign the same visitor in a maximum of 7 times in a year.

I see people with Membership card / Car Stickers, where do I get these from?
Everything you need, such as car park stickers or the members’ card can be collected from the Office or from the Bar by prior arrangement.


I have a...

I would like to hire the Clubhouse for a private function, how do I do this?
If you would like to hire the Clubhouse for a function, meeting etc please contact the Office. You can hire any one of the Club rooms, with or without catering as required. For more information on available dates and costs, you will need to enquire in the Office.

I don’t want to buy a boat, but want to still be involved in sailing, how can I do this?
We constantly have some racers looking for crew. If you are interested in this, we have a crew register at the Club that you can sign up to. When these racers are short of crew, they can then access the register and get in contact with you. Alternatively, you can speak to Gordon Sutton, and he will endeavour to put you in touch with someone who is looking.