Barts Bash - 20th September 2015

Congratulations to all Bart's Bash participants, you are now all World Record holders!



On Wednesday this week Ben Ainslie was presented with the official certificate from the Guinness World Record adjudicator as a founding trustee for the Andrew Simpson Foundation.  The Bart's Bash race for the biggest sailing race in the world with multiple venues raised a massive £366k in its first year with nearly 10000 boats taking part!

This year the event takes place on the  20th September so make sure you have it in your diaries. It's set to be even more popular with a brilliant aim of getting sailors afloat to have fun.

I spent some time with the foundation's team at the boat show and it was amazing to feel the passion they all share. Andrew would have been very proud of his family and friends promoting and encouraging people, some of whom may not be as fortunate as ourselves to take up the sport we love.

These same values are equally present at our own club so start getting those boats ready for the new season, you don't have to wait until September!

If you do have any good photos from the race, please send them to me.

Chris Mayhew
Member and Winner of the exciting trip to the Artemis America's Cup base in San Francisco to meet Iain Percy and sail in the bay.

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