Cruising Activities at RHYC

For many RHYC members, sailing consist of cruising the fantastic home waters around the East Anglian coast, exploring the other side of the North Sea or the Channel, or voyaging much further afield.  Our excellent marina and swinging moorings help facilitate this.

We have a very active Cruise in Company section, and there is also a programme of serious and not-so-serious yacht and cruiser races throughout the year, including the Combined Clubs Race and the Sunk and Bell races.  Cruiser racing is described in the Racing pages.

Cruise in Company 2017

There are fourteen opportunities in 2017 to join other RHYC members and participate in local cruises up and down our coast. There are four short cruises when we are happy for dinghies to join us and two longer ones - one to London and Chatham and a one or two week trip to Ostend and Holland.

So as to gauge the number of berths to book it would be good if members could express their interest in advance with the office and the cruise leader by email. The final cut off date however is the Monday before the cruise.  All email addresses are in the member's section of this web site.

The programme is a great incentive to actually get on and sail somewhere and there is no doubt that it is an excellent way to meet fellow sailors and make friends. Also the group planning is helpful and reassuring to all even to the most experienced of skippers.

There is a get together on the evening preceding the cruise in the club house where we have a meal and a briefing.

Allan Jones is the coordinator of the section and can be contacted if help is needed. Tel 01379 652491

Passage Planning for Cruise in Company

The organiser or coordinator may produce a selection of information to start passage planning. it is the owners/skipper and crew’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of any information used. The  organisers, its’ officers disclaim any responsibility for loss of life or injury to persons or damage or loss of property how so ever sustained which may be incurred by members or their crew or guests whilst taking part in a CinC event. Member’s and their crews must rely on their own experience and their knowledge of weather, tide, sea conditions, navigation etc. 

 Cruise Date
 HW Walton
 Event and Leader
 Sunday, 9th April at 1230 - CIC Lunch
 Sunday, 23rd April - Shakedown Sail with lunch at The Pier Harwich - Allan Jones
 Saturday, 29th April 14:51 Burnham - Nigel Seary
 Sunday, 7th May 10:21 Timed Trip Round Rough Tower, supper at RHYC - Allan Jones
 Saturday, 27th May 13:41 Orford and or Aldeburgh - Simon Quantrill
 Saturday, 10th June 13:11 St Katharines and Chatham 7 Days - Allan Jones
 Saturday, 24th June 12:41 Walton Pond - Nigel Martin
 Saturday, 1st July 5:51 Bradwell - Ken Rolls
 Saturday, 8th July 12:11 Brightlingsea - Charles Nisbet
 Friday, 28th July 11:41 Holland 9 Days - Jason Vee**
 ** NB As from 1 June 2017 000UTC a new Traffic Separation Scheme will affect all vessels crossing from the UK and planning to enter NL or B via Stellendam, de Roompot, de Schelde, and potentially Zeebrugge and Blankenbergen if approached from a Northerly direction.


The new scheme – see for outline details pfd file –will show new separation areas and potential also the additional new Borselle 3 windfarm.


Only outline details are available at present – see Bericht Aan Zeevarenden (BAZ), week 6, no. 72.  It is hoped – but by no means certain - that new charts will be available a couple of weeks before the introduction of the new scheme.

Traffic Separation Scheme  Holland 16 Days - Marcus Bucknall**
 Saturday, 5th August 11:11 Ramsholt - Mark Benbow
 Saturday, 26th August 15:41 Medway 
 Saturday, 9th September 14:41 West Mersea - Simon Harrison
 Saturday, 23rd September 14:31 Woodbridge - Jim Grant
 Saturday, 7th October 13:31 Walton Pond - Dennis and Anne Kell

CiC Reports

 Shakedown Cruise - Allan Jones

Five boats and fourteen crew took part in the CIC Shakedown Cruise to Harwich with lunch at The Pier Hotel. We all met on the club's lawn at 09.30 and had a delightful sail to Halfpenny Pier in good weather and then a rather prolonged lunch which proved extremely sociable before we caught the flood tide back and able to sail all the way back.