Dinghy Park

The dinghy park is adjacent to the Clubhouse and conveniently close to the slipway which allows dinghies to be launched at all states of the tide. A hose is available for members' use at the top of the slipway.

Dinghies may be parked in numbered slots only which are allocated by the Club office. Once you have requested a space, you will be sent an invoice for the appropriate annual fee and the fee must be paid before the boat is parked. Once allocated, members will be notified of the slot number and will receive a current year boat sticker, which must be fixed to the dinghy in an easily visible position. The location of the parking slot allocated is determined by considerations of the weight of the craft and whether it requires a mast-up site.

The Club reserves the right to remove unidentifiable or unauthorised dinghies.

Use of the Dinghy Park is entirely at the members risk, and appropriate insurance for the value of the dinghy and its equipment is required.

REGULATIONS FOR DINGHY PARK USE: Authority to use the Dinghy Park is subject to the following regulations:
1. The appropriate fee is to be paid on receipt of invoice.
2. A valid, current year sticker must be displayed prominently on the dinghy.
3. Boats shall only be parked in their correct allocated space.
4. Dinghies may not be stacked.

Dinghy Fees

Annual Fees 2016

•Optimist/Tera/Topper (Racked) £52
•Mirror, Byte, Optimist, Topper, Tera(Non-Racked) £63
•Tender up to 3 metres (Racked) £52
•Tender up to 3 metres (Non Racked) £63
•Large tender - £80
•N12, Laser, Lark, RS 200 £80
•Wayfarer, Kestrel, RS 400/ 420/300 £97
•Catamaran £145

For information regarding the Dinghy Park please contact  The Office