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Tim Hunt – Rear Commodore - Sailing


Children's Cruise in Company - POSTER

A new venture for the club. We have Secret Water on our doorstep, why not use it? I am very grateful to Steve Pitt for putting together a programme of activities on July 22-24. (insert link) and obtaining permission for camping BBQ etc on Stone point.
So, cadet members, persuade your parents/grandparents to take you and your dinghy round to the backwaters for a long weekend via a picnic up Levington Creek (optional, no problem if you can only make Saturday and Sunday). You don't even need a cruiser to sleep on, as Steve has got us permission to camp.
The “entry fee” is purely to cover costs such as support boat fuel, prizes and for every child who enters before an as yet unspecified cut off date a commemorative mug.
We have not yet set an upper limit on numbers but we might have to if it all becomes unmanageably popular. It is a new and untried venture, so I apologise in advance if there are organisational hiccups but the earlier we know who is coming the easier it will be to manage os please contact Steve (details on the linked in flyer) asap. Steve & I are happy to answer any questions or queries.
Chris Brown


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PDF of the Racing Marks at RHYC

If you click on the link here you can access a PDF of the buoys and marks off the clubhosue that are normally used for racing.

Top Tip - print, laminate and stick to your Topper so you always know where the marks are!