The Royal Harwich Yacht Club maintains approximately 50 swinging moorings on the River Orwell for use by Club members. They are classified into the following categories, depending on the depth of water available.

1. Half Tide: Shallow moorings suitable for dayboats and small yachts with lifting keels, or those able to comfortably take the ground at low water.

2. Full Tide and Three Quarter: Deeper water moorings, suitable for fixed keel yachts and dayboats. Some of these moorings are prioritised for the racing keelboat classes.

Mooring Fees: Prices for 2016

Length ABP Charge Mooring Charge
Less than 8m £102.35 £63 per metre
8m - 12m £165.60 £63 per metre
Over 12m £286.35 £63 per metre
Half Tide £51.75 £199 per annum

Mooring Application Form

This should be sent in along with the Terms of Agreement form:

"Terms of Agreement form"

The moorings season runs from April 1st – October 31st and allocations for the next year are made during the previous December.

Moorings which are allocated after the start of the mooring season are charged for whole months, pro-rata, (one seventh of the annual fee, per whole month).

Moorings are not transferable. The moorings Agreement is between the Club and a named member for a specific vessel. Members who wish to moor a boat other than the one for which the Agreement applies must obtain Mooring Committee approval in advance.

Tenders may be parked in the Club dinghy park, for which a separate application and fee is required. Outboard motors may be secured in the outboard store, which is subject to an annual fee.

The Moorings Allocations Secretary is Peter Richardson.


Visitors may be able to negotiate the temporary use of vacant moorings by contacting the Allocations Secretary or the Club Secretary.