The Topper class is a great dinghy for beginner sailing and racing - it has a simple rig and is easy
to sail, so it is also a very popular boat at the club.

The club has had much success with juniors in this class from national series winners and national Topper squad sailors.

Topper sailing on the East coast is very popular and there are multiple open events held around the area, for any stage of experience. However, there is also a national circuit held around the country with gives an opportunity for those with that bit more experience to race against one another.  These events generally have a fantastic turn outs of around 150 boats.

We are hosting the Topper Eastern Traveller on Sunday 14th May following Eastern Area Coaching. For more details on the Traveller please click here.

Members' Update

Many of our Junior sailors have qualified for a place in the RYA Squad system, honing their skills before moving on to other classes such as Lasers and 29ers. The club has had a lot of previous success with the Topper class, in the 2014-2015 season five Eastern region boys gained  a National squad place, three of which were from RHYC (Ollie Dixon, Ashley Deaton and Piers Luxford). All three boys achieved top 10 at the Nationals with Ashley coming 5th (3rd male), Ollie 6th and Piers 7th. 

Ashley won the national series  at Lowestoft and Ollie won the national series at Queen Mary. These great achievements meant Ollie finishing 5th in the national series and Ashley 6th! The boys have now moved onto youth classes with Ashley starting in the Laser Radial fleet and Piers and Ollie moving into the 29er class.

James Deaton has just qualified for the South East zone squad and is producing consistent top 10 results in regattas dotted around the country. James previously sailed the Topper 4.2 which was designed to allow smaller sailors a chance to have there own fleet instead of the larger 5.3 metre sail. He became the Topper 4.2 metre national series champion counting all firsts. Well done James!

However, Topper sailing does not always have to be competitive and the club provides Toppers which can be rented and simply used for the enjoyment of sailing.

If you are looking to join or want further information about this fleet please contact any of the individuals mentioned above who will be happy to help! 

Topper Association

If you are interested in joining the Topper Association (ITCA) or want further information on the events they run in this area and nationally then click here: