Dinghy Scatter Race - 5th June 2016

Last year this “fun” race was held on a fine day, and was attended by a good fleet of 17 boats, which included seven different classes of dinghy.

Please note the date of this year’s event, and do join us to help make up an even bigger fleet than ever before. 

Any class of dinghy will be welcomed, as will helms of any experience, as encouragement will always be offered by our more experienced crews.

Starting time is 11.00 so with High Water due at 12.47 there should be plenty of water on the slipway both before, and after the race.
This timing should also ensure that all the scheduled marks available to be rounded will have sufficient depth of water.

The simple rules for this race are outlined clearly in the Notice of Race, and all the available marks are scheduled, together with a map of the river.




Extra copies of these sheets will also be available at the starting box on the day.

A short briefing will be held at the starting box at 10.00 to allow the Race Officers in Lion to get on station, and to set up in good time for the race.

Please contact me if you have any queries, or wish to discuss the event in any way.

Derek and Marilyn Lyne                     Race Officers  01473 828420 email:  lyne868@btinternet.com