Why Join Us?

The club offers a wide range of activities, ranging from the serious racing, through to social sailing and onto training over a wide range of disciplines. We have a keen core of both yacht racers, competing in the Haven Ports series in Dovercourt, as well as dinghy racers, young and old. Many of our members compete at local, national and international events on top of normal club racing, where all levels are welcome.

If the fast lane of racing isn’t for you then come join our social sailing through Cruise in Company; or, for you ladies out there, join in with the fun, relaxed sessions of Women on Water (WoW) on Friday mornings. We also have some keen Wayfarer cruisers, who have an annual sail to the Backwaters, among other destinations.

We offer a wide range of training courses, including practical yachting and powerboat training, busy youth dinghy training, and an extensive range of shore based courses. Further to this, we hold a wide range of winter talks jointly with the Cruising Association, covering many interesting topics.

For anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact the office on 01473 780319. We will do our very best to introduce all prospective members to a relevant and experienced RHYC member, to make sure that all your questions are addressed, and that new members are warmly welcomed from the outset.

A list of questions that we regularly get asked can be found here.