How We Manage the Club

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held on an annual basis, during December.  Its main responsibility is to elect the President, the Flag Officers and members of the General Committee.  Any changes to the Rules and any changes to subscriptions must be approved by a vote at the AGM, which may also vote on other matters put to them by the General Committee.

General Committee

The overall management of the Club is carried out by the General Committee, which meets on a regular basis (normally monthly) to discuss and decide strategic and day-to-day issues.  The General Committee comprises the Flag Officers of the Club and a number of other members, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The General Committee for 2021 consists of the following (in addition to the Flag Officers):

  • Elspeth Iskander
  • Susie Patten
  • Marcus Bucknall
  • Lily Benbow
  • Graham Ireland
  • Rupert Molyneux
  • Julian Molyneux
  • Rosie Davey
  • Christophe Spiers
  • Joe Hunt

Sub Committees

The General Committee can appoint Sub Committees to carry out day-to-day management of various aspects of the Club, such as the marina and the catering facilities.  Sub Committees and their Chairs for 2021 are as follows:

  • Marina - Ian Menzies
  • Sailing - Stephen Olle
  • Social - Martine Clayton
  • Mooring - Peter Richardson 
  • Marketing - Laurie Vanner
  • Library - Ken Rolls
  • Training - Stephen Olle

Flag Officers

The Flag Officers, who constitute the executive arm of the Club, are elected by Club members at the AGM.  Flag officers consist of the President, Commodore, Vice Commodore(s), Honorary Treasurer and Rear Commodores (3).  The Flag officers for 2021 are as follows:

President: Bram van der Have

Commodore: Simon Hewitt

Vice Commodore: Laurie Vanner and Amanda Portway

Rear Commodore Sailing: Stephen Olle

Rear Commodore Social: Martine Clayton

Rear Commodore Marina: Ian Menzies

Treasurer: Mike Clayton

Club Staff

The Club employs a number of staff who do an excellent job in running the Club and providing the services for our members and visitors, as follows:

  • Kathryn Deaton - Club Manager (01473 780319)
  • Carly Jones - Office Enquiries (01473 780319)
  • Monika Banasiak - Catering Manager (01473 780219)
  • Ian McClean - Berth Master (07742 145994)
  • David Bloomfield - Property Maintenance 


The Patron of the Club is HRH Prince Phillip.


The Trustees of the Club, in whom the property and securities of the Club are vested, are as follows:

  •  Leigh Baxter
  • Helena Scott-Negus
  • Tom Dixon

Club Strategy

The Club has developed a Strategy which provides a framework to guide our development over the next few years.  The Strategy is a "live" document and is subject to ongoing review and updating.  The Strategy is available on the Members' Area.