How to Join the Club

New Members are Always Welcome!

We are always looking for new members, at whatever level of sailing experience - including those who have never set foot in a boat before !  We are a friendly and inclusive club, with a fantastic Clubhouse and a busy calendar of social and sailing activities.  

Either call the Office or drop in to our Clubhouse to find out more.

The club offers a wide range of sailing activities, both for those interested in racing and those who prefer cruising or just pottering around in boats.  Members do not have to be boat owners - there are always existing members looking for crew, and we run a number of programmes to introduce novices to sailing and to provide training at various levels.

For anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact the Office. We will do our very best to introduce all prospective members to a relevant and experienced Royal Harwich Yacht Club member, to make sure that all your questions are addressed, and that new members are warmly welcomed from the outset.

We have a variety of payment options open to both new and existing members from a six month direct debit scheme to a single BAC's payment. Simply call us and we will be happy to talk through the options with you!

Subscriptions for 2021:

  • Full Member (36 years old or over) £306
  • Joint Member and Family (Member, partner and children under 18) £460
  • Ordinary Member (18 to 25) £77, (26 to 30) £139, (31 to 35) £199 
  • Junior (up to 17) £54
  • Full Member with Veteran discount £184
  • Joint Member with Veteran discount £275
  • Outport Member £77
  • Associate membership £610
  • Temporary members (see Club Rules for detail) 2/12ths per month

The membership year is from 1 January to 31 December. If you are joining for the first time your membership will be calculated pro-rata on the year.