How to Join the Club

New Members Welcome

We are always looking for new members, at whatever level of sailing experience - including those who have never set foot in a boat before !  We are a friendly and inclusive club, with a fantastic Clubhouse and a busy calendar of social and sailing activities.  Either call the Office or drop in to our Clubhouse to find out more.

The club offers a wide range of sailing activities, both for those interested in racing and those who prefer cruising or just pottering around in boats.  Members do not have to be boat owners - there are always existing members looking for crew, and we run a number of programmes to introduce novices to sailing and to provide training at various levels.

For anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact the Office. We will do our very best to introduce all prospective members to a relevant and experienced Royal Harwich Yacht Club member, to make sure that all your questions are addressed, and that new members are warmly welcomed from the outset.

Membership Application Form

Royal Harwich Yacht Club was pleased to have been one of five shortlisted finalists for the RYA Club of the Year Award, presented in 2016. Click here to view the video that formed part of our submission.


Subscriptions for 2018:

  • Full Member (25 years old or over) £286
  • Joint Member and Family (Member, partner and children under 18) £429
  • Ordinary Member (18 to 25) £72, (26 to 30) £129, (31 to 35) £186
  • Cadet (up to 17) £50
  • Full Member with Veteran discount £172
  • Joint Member with Veteran discount £257
  • Outport Member £72
  • Associate membership £569 plus £50 per head
  • Temporary members (see Club Rules for detail) 2/12ths per month

The membership year is from 1 January to 31 December. Full annual rates apply for new members joining prior to 1 July each year. If joining between 1 July and 30 September, a discount of 50% applies.  Joining between 1 October and 31 December, a discount of 8/12ths applies.

Subscriptions and facility charges are collected annually, preferably by a single payment.  Payments can be made by installment using a bank standing order, but to cover additional administrative costs and to compensate for cash flow implications a surcharge of 10% will be added to the total cost. Any individual arrangement must be agreed by 31 January and full payment received by 31 August. Details are available from the Office.  

We accept payment by cheque, debit card or direct to the Club's account by internet banking.

Subscriptions shall be paid by 1 March (Club Rule 9.1). Any member who has not paid by 31 March will be deemed to have resigned (Club Rule 10.1) and their name will be displayed prominently on the Club Notice Board (Club Rule 10.2) as a member who has resigned.