Current Opportunities

Overall Aim
The Club has a number of dinghies, including Wayfarers, and RS Vision, RS Fevas, a fleet of 6 toppers, 2 RS Tera dinghies and numerous Optimists.  In addition, there are also three Ajax keelboats.  The dinghies are used for Junior Sailing, and all the boats are available for Members to hire to sail or race.  A couple of members have already put their names forward and are looking after the two RS Fevas and one of the Ajax’s.  This is YOUR opportunity to do the same.
See the attached details to put your name/s forward. Sponsoring FO Mike Clayton

Overall Aim
The Club has a few areas planted with shrubs both in front of the main entrance, to the side of the Ashbury Room and along the boundaries which require some maintenance during the year. *Jan Moss and Mary Stamp have willingly undertaken this task to date but would welcome additional help. 
See the attached details to put your name/s forward. Sponsoring FO Laurie Vanner

Lawn Project


Volunteering to help with laying an additional path in front of the Clubhouse is but the first of a new initiative to encourage members greater involvement in the development of the RHYC. 

Many of us will have noticed that the existing path running along the front of the Club is inadequate both for the footfall which it takes and for the poor quality of the lawn immediately adjacent to it. For this reason it's been decided to extend the path by 2 further slabs along its entire length. Contractors could have been brought in at a significant cost but it was decided that should enough volunteers come forward we could accomplish the task ourselves.

Through the good offices of Ken Stowe a group of worthy volunteers has been assembled and work will commence on Monday 9th March. It is hoped that 3 / 4 days will see the task completed, weather permitting. 

No special skills are required beyond a willingness to muck in, have fun and engage in lively banter whilst at the same time delivering an invaluable service to the Club. If others feel prompted to join us for a few hours or longer you would be made most welcome - please contact the Office on 01473 780319 or .The photo shows the path in its existing state and others will follow next week showing progress.

 Only 98 more to go......


Tea,  coffee and sticky buns will be provided to aid our endeavours. 

This initiative will be followed up over the summer and autumn with several others aimed at improving the quality and appearance of the Club's lawn thus enhancing its appearance for all members. Willing volunteers to help with this will be sought in due course.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Fantastic effort in getting this year's Junior Regatta up and running despite the challenges posed by Covid. This would not have been possible without the sterling services of so many volunteers, a small section of whom can be seen in this photo being briefed by Joe Hunt prior to the day's racing

Our Gardening Volunteers!

Support Boat Volunteers

We are

LION - Martine Clayton

LION 2 - Richard Maidstone

LION 3 – Laurie Vanner

LION 4 - Susan Iskander and Damien

LION 5 - Mike and Kathryn Deaton

LION 6 - Amanda Portway

LION 7 - Jemima Philpott

LION TRINITY -no one at present.

The aim is :- Our Bosun, Hugh Williams takes care of the boats in regard to their engines, fuelling and any mechanical issues that arise which involves ongoing maintenance. Hugh is still be doing this, but we are providing some extra TLC to extend the life of the boats and make using them more enjoyable. 

Progress so far:-

Richard sorting the defunct lights and wiring on Lion 2 and 6.

Mike is the varnishing supremo!

Removing old Vinyl stickers as Damien has very kindly sorted new stickers for most of the boats at ‘cost’ only 

Watch this space for the new ones but as you can see Susan and Damien have completed LION 4’s make-over.

Currently being investigated is anti-fouling and patching torn seat covers etc

A Huge thank you to the team of volunteers and all those providing us with guidance which has included Hugh Williams (as he nervously watches us work on his fleet!), Mike Clayton for the budget management amongst other things, Gordon Sutton, Nigel Waller and Steve Olle for ‘boat’ and ‘sticker’ knowhow and anyone else I might have missed!

Amanda Portway – Sponsoring Flag Officer