Lawn Project


Volunteering to help with laying an additional path in front of the Clubhouse is but the first of a new initiative to encourage members greater involvement in the development of the RHYC. 

Many of us will have noticed that the existing path running along the front of the Club is inadequate both for the footfall which it takes and for the poor quality of the lawn immediately adjacent to it. For this reason it's been decided to extend the path by 2 further slabs along its entire length. Contractors could have been brought in at a significant cost but it was decided that should enough volunteers come forward we could accomplish the task ourselves.

Through the good offices of Ken Stowe a group of worthy volunteers has been assembled and work will commence on Monday 9th March. It is hoped that 3 / 4 days will see the task completed, weather permitting. 

No special skills are required beyond a willingness to muck in, have fun and engage in lively banter whilst at the same time delivering an invaluable service to the Club. If others feel prompted to join us for a few hours or longer you would be made most welcome - please contact the Office on 01473 780319 or .The photo shows the path in its existing state and others will follow next week showing progress.

 Only 98 more to go......


Tea,  coffee and sticky buns will be provided to aid our endeavours. 

This initiative will be followed up over the summer and autumn with several others aimed at improving the quality and appearance of the Club's lawn thus enhancing its appearance for all members. Willing volunteers to help with this will be sought in due course.