23 Oct 2018

Barge Victor Trip

“The CA lists many benefits of membership.  One that is missing, though, is the opportunity to sail on boats like the Victor. There is something special about taking the wheel on a 123 year old Thames Barge, helping set (and hand) the sails or just enjoying the cruise.  In our case a wildlife cruise from RHYC on the Orwell round to Ewarton Ness on the Stour.  It was really too early in the year to see the large numbers of migratory birds that over winter on the estuaries.  However Rick, our expert and enthusiastic guide did an excellent job, showing us that the rivers and their banks are still full of wildlife, even before the migratory birds arrive in number. Wes, Victor’s master, was fascinating to talk with; a wonderful fount of knowledge on SB Victor and Thames barges. I still  (despite Rick’s tuition) can’t tell a Teal from a Merganser. On the other hand I’ve learnt what a sprite is and how to reef and gybe a Thames Barge. An excellent day.”

Andrew Scott


Kathryn Deaton