Over the past 4 years we’ve seen a steady and welcome resurgence of the Wayfarer fleet at RHYC. We now have club competitors sailing in the annual Nationals and in 2016 two boats went to Holland for the Worlds. You can be sure to find other Wayfarers racing on most Sundays between April and Boxing Day, as well as Wednesday evenings, when wind, tide and light allow. The enthusiasm and banter among the fleet is infectious, the sailing can get quite competitive but we are a very nurturing group, especially if you are new or a complete beginner to racing.

In 2017 the club will introduce a personal handicapping programme for the Wayfarer and other classes in order to encourage those either new to racing or thinking about starting to come and compete on a competitive footing. After careful review of peoples results, the club has already detailed personal handicaps for some Wayfarer sailors.

The season opens with the highly recommended Rules of Racing on the 31st March and we expect a good turnout from our existing Wayfarer sailors whom you can meet on the night.

Wayfarer Facebook Group

The Waifs and Strays group is an open group created by RHYC members and is available to the Wayfaring public who have a Facebook login. From Facebook you can view all the photos and comments by going to this page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1408941709366121/