RHYC/CA Winter Talks

We arrange a variety of talks throughout the Winter months: 

Sat 5th - Mon 7th May - CA East Coast Rally
(Please refer to the CA for timings and further information)

Sat 13 Oct Would you like Ice with that?
David Robertson. Ipswich to Greenland & back

Thurs 18 Oct WindFarms Hywel Roberts

Fri 19 Oct Bird watch on SB Victor

Sat 3 Nov Seminar. long Distance Cruising with Children Jimmy and Doina Cornell

Thurs 8 Nov QE2 Capt Ian McNaught

Sat 17 Nov My life in Barging Part ll  Jimmy Lawrence

Thurs 22 Nov Inland Waterways of Ireland Robin Whittle

Sat 1 Dec 'Allo 'Allo. Communications. Jeremy Batch

To book Winter Talks and Meetings

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(Please note bookings can only be made up to 90 days in advance)