Art Group

The RHYC Art Group was founded, in 2009, by the late Sue Rolls.B.A..hons. graduate in Fine Art and design.
Sue wanted to add a new social dimension to the club which could take place during the winter months.The RHYC members who joined the group were largely people who had always wanted to paint but had never been able to find the time.
We have eight all day Saturday workshops between September and April and four of these will have a tutor who will demonstrate and advise. Members can work in any medium they like. The year culminates in our annual exhibition in May at which about fifty works, produced by Art Group members during the previous year, will be displayed.
We are a friendly group who enjoy painting in company and meet  together in a spirit of co-operation rather than competition. We enjoy lunch together in the main clubhouse.
If you would like to know more contact Bruce Moss or Ann Ringrose

Annual Art Exhibition
The RHYC annual art exhibition, due to take place during the Cruising Association weekend 1-4th May, was cancelled but the Arts Group are keen to share their recent work with club members.  We are pleased to be able to present a virtual exhibition here on the club website.  

The Group, who hold workshops  in the Wreck Room once a month during the winter, are continuing to produce artwork at home and have started meeting via Zoom to provide constructive criticism of each others recent work, to discuss matters like composition and to just catch up with each other over a coffee.  

Members who are interested in joining the Arts Group are encouraged to get in touch.  We are all amateurs and have found that the stimulation of working together as a group has helped us individually to grow and develop own artistic skills.  There is a long tradition of sailor artists, why not become part of it?

Paul Rodhouse

For full images click here:
Image One (left) - "Peter Duck"
Image Two (right) - " Bound for Valparaiso round the Horn"

Ann Ringrose

For full images click here:
Image One (left) - "Spring Behind Bars"
Image Two (right) - "Felixstowe Ferry"

Bruce Moss

For full images click here:
Image One (left) - "Long Billed Curlew".  Crayon
Image Two (right) - "Chase across the Waves". Acrylic

Janet Moss

For full images click here:
Image One (left) - "Sylvana". Machine stitched on paper.
Image Two (right) - "Waiting for Breakfast". Acrylic. 

Sue Vanner

 For full images click here:
Image One (left) - "Summers Day"
Image Two (right) - "Storm  Petrels over Stormy Seas"

Roger Harden
For full images click here:
Image One (left)
Image Two (right)

Amanda Portway

For full images click here:

Image One (left) - "Lichen" in Oil
Image Two (right) - "Forshore" in Oil